A City Gold Mine will give you golden touch

A City Gold Mine will give you golden touch

A City Gold Mine will get your customers panning for gold while giving your business a unique boost. The installation is available in various sizes, ranging from a small gold mine to a whole mining village. Each installation is unique. We will design and plan a solution based on your specific needs and preferences.




All installations are built for maximum durability and designed to look like an old mine system with panning troughs. The parts are made of durable wood, steel and fibreglass. All accessories are included for a complete gold panning experience including a water tank, wind-powered pump, water wheel, wooden troughs, water barrels, mining wagons, rails, photo spot and a wooden fence with ropes and netting requires an area of at least 200 m2. A smaller installation with fewer features will fit into an area of 50 m2. A City Gold Mine installation comes complete with everything you need to start receiving guests at your facility immediately.


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